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QUINTO GELATO Smart Vending Machine

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Chendol Gelato

This gelato offers an authentictaste of Gula Melaka’s rich sweetness, infused with the creaminess of coconut milk and delightful green jelly bits. It mirrors the flavours of Penang’s famous Chendol by 99.9999%, delivering an irresistible taste sensation.

Mango Gelato

Smooth, creamy mango gelato bursts with the vibrant sweetness of sun-ripened fruit, each spoonful a tropical delight. Its velvety texture melts on the tongue, leaving a lingering essence of summer in every delectable bite, a true taste of indulgence.

Coconut Gelato

Creamy coconut gelato, a tropical symphony in every spoonful. Rich coconut flavors dance on the palate, invoking visions of palm-fringed beaches and azure waters. Its luscious texture envelops the senses, offering a blissful escape with each decadent taste.

Oolong Lychee Sorbet

Immerse yourself in the delicate essence of premium oolong tea balanced with the sweetness of lychee. Each bite is a blend of tea’s mild fragrance and the refreshing burst of lychee, complete with real lychee fruit bits for an authentic touch.

Dark Chocolate Gelato

The smoothness of this gelato is unparalleled, boasting a rich, intense cocoa flavour that’s both bold and satisfying without overwhelming sweetness. It’s a decadent treat that’s not cloying, perfect for those who appreciate the robustness of dark chocolate.

Yuzu Sorbet

This sorbet offers a tangy, palate-refreshing experience. Its invigorating zest serves as the perfect appetite opener and palate cleanser. Contrasting with well-known Yuzu Slush from a hotpot store, this sorbet stands out with a more refined, intricate texture.

Maximum ROI with Low Investment Costs

Efficiently manage your gelato business with Quinto Gelato Smart AI Vending Machine, mobile app and information management system.

24/7 Operation

Operates around the clock, ensuring your business never sleeps.

Live Sales Monitoring

Allows you to make informed decisions and optimise your operations.

Impulse Buying

Encourages impulse buying, increasing sales and revenue for your business.

Live Inventory Tracking

Ensures we never run out of stock, reducing downtime and maximising profits.

Automated Billing

Ensures accurate and efficient transaction processing, saving user’s time and reducing errors.

Live CCTV Monitoring

The machines are safeguarded against unauthorised access, ensuring peace of mind.

Key Advantages

  • Full Support: Maintenance, Inventory and Marketing
  • Wide Brand Exposure
  • Diverse Customer Base


  • Investment
  • Operational Cost
  • Break-Even Point


  • Hassles
  • Melting
  • Delivery Fee

Gelato Business Boom in Singapore

Witness the soaring demand and profitability of the Gelato market in Singapore. Prices and revenues are on a steady rise, promising lucrative returns for savvy entrepreneurs.

Price per unit of ice cream in Singapore

Revenue of ice cream in Singapore

Notes: Data shown uses exchange rates on 22nd March, 2024
Source: Statista Market Insights, November 2023

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